Up before the sun, cool air breeze. Twist of the wrist, the rumble of the exhaust, the cool wind hugging me as I break through it, the excitement going through the fog, leaning through turns, my heart is pumping…. Finally…. I feel alive. Freedom, nothing on my mind, no more weight on my shoulders, just me and the road, neither of us with a grudge.

The sun greets me on the way back. A beautiful pink sky for me to view, and a warm kiss as I crest a hill. Only sounds are the wind and the exhaust, still nothing on my mind, just me and the road.

Parked, heart goes quiet, I feel the world bare down on me once again. My mind starts going, cluttered noises all around me, work in a few hours, I should try to get some more sleep in.

August 9th 2011