Yesterday went for a good therapy session after transporting family all day.

My wife was with me, went down a few roads got lost. The weather went from warm to cool to cold…. Of course I took out my jacket liner and left it home, so I wasn’t comfortable.

Found my way to an interstate which will basically take me to my front door, get on and 3 other motorcycles in front of me, 2 sport bikes and 1 cruiser…. Didn’t bother me that they were in front of me, what got me was either they wanted me to line up with them side by side, 2 in each lane, or the 80 to 70 to 80 was getting me… So when I was clear I allowed my bike to do a bit over a ton….. Wife of course says “no more”, looked at my speed and realized I was back to my cruising speed…. Then the two sport bikes decided they didn’t like me cruising by them, they downshifted and flew on by, which at that point I was happy doing the speed I was doing in my lane. They kept going, did get a glimpse of them 6-8 miles later, I don’t need to ride that fast unless it was a really long trip, and wanted to get home oh and warmer…

The best part was these two left their cruiser buddy behind… Guess he just couldn’t get that thing going fast enough…. He did pass me, many minutes later, slightly faster than my cruising speed, I smiled and moseyed all the way home.

Still laughing about it, I’m just not the ride along type of person, nor ride 2 abreast in front of other vehicles. I like to go my speed, away from others and able to maneuver when needed, not bunched up.