Mar. 20 2015.

I made a call to a stealership to get my oil changed, it was an hour away, north-east of my house.

Weather was 29 degrees when I left, a couple of miles in, around a turn, got into some ice, slid a little and continued on. It was cold and windy, being in a slight rush due to having way to many pots in the fire, I was using 104 to 81 81 the wind was worse and colder the more north I went.

On the way I’m riding along at my pace… I see waiting on the southbound side a border patrol agent, then a state trooper.

Got to the stealership told em I’d like the oil changed and if they can check out my controls and make sure they don’t need any lube… Being my mirror was broke, I asked if they had one, he told me he didn’t have any new ones, but he may have one they took off another bike.

Then he tells me my inspection was out, and I probably wouldn’t pass anyway… Which confused me, my bike was in perfectly sound shape beside the broken mirror, one mirror is all I need in NY, my exhaust is stock, no mods, everything street legal, needless to say confused.

I swore I had the inspection done last August, he came back and said “its a silver 2014” sticker, so either I forgot how inspections work or he has no clue…

I told him screw it 6 bucks, just do it. The mirror he said, “brand new they are 100 bucks, but I’ll do it for 50″, I said really, how much for labor, he said ” nothing”, I said go on… Needless to say I won’t be back to that stealership…

My bike was inspected and passed…. Mirror was now there and fresh oil to burn.

Started on my way home, of course taking 81, moving at a decent speed nothing to fast, already hand and feet are cold, wind gust are trying to take me off the bike, using a good half lane, trying not to make sudden movements… It was about 20 degrees.

I see one state trooper, then the very next no u-turn I see another. Kept going my speed see his car peek out in my mirrors, I continue. The car that was next to me pulled off at the next exit, then I started to see the trooper in the distance in my mirror. Enter Oswego county, it was snowing and a few minutes( took about 8 minutes total from when I saw him) later he was a few car lengths behind. I passed a truck, changed lanes, the trooper hung back about half a car, for about a mile, passed me, I got back behind him… I was doing the same speed as when I passed, if I slowed it was due to the wind, he was going plenty faster. I was happy, I was still upright and didn’t get pulled over.

Of course the snow gets a little worse the closer I got to home, had to stop for a minute to put my gloves on the exhaust(only leather should touch the exhaust, not pleather or other materials) takes about 30 seconds, put on my now warm gloves and continue on. Being overly careful with all turns, moving my body over into the turn, so I don’t use so much lean and slide, I make it into my city, coming to a stop light at the bottom of the hill slid just a bit, little wiggle avoiding pot holes and tar snakes(long tar wavy patches which are slippery as fuck when their wet).  Take off nice and slow, no need to spin tire, trying to get home.

I park my bike, get off, take off my glove with snow in my knuckles and clinging to any surface there was wind. Riding pants covered, and the rain jacket along the chest. I was seriously happy the ride was over, I may need to get some electric socks and glove liners or the very least grip warmers.

If anyone has used either of these items in frigid weather let me know.