Finally got done with some shit, went grocery shopping, brought the shit home, and started cooking our St. patty’s day meal, im not Irish, but I can sure drink like one… I also enjoy the flavor of corned beef.

Since I had 3 hours to burn, figured I’d go for a ride. Nice 40 degree weather, jeans, boots and 3 jackets….I was wearing a light jacket under my Fulmer jacket, because my zipper broke on the Fulmer and haven’t found anyone to fix it yet… Put on my Tourmaster rain jacket over both… a. To keep my Fulmer jacket closed and b. To keep that forty degree air that shoots down to about fifteen degrees while riding at speed….

It was nice being back in the saddle again, the smell of the air, no matter what died in or around the road…. The feel of power at the twist of a wrist, back roads, leaning over and feeling like I’m in flying a jet plane when I’m on point hitting some twists… Roads a little wet thanks the thaw, lots of snow still around. The most worry-some part was, in towns where the pavement had plows beating the shit out of it and leaving 6+ inch deep potholes… Nothing like trying to avoid potholes while avoiding a cold, wet sewer grate or manhole covers…. Get goofy looks from people, fuck em…. My right side mirror still broken, but I kept fucking looking at where it’s supposed to be….

Pass a car, look at phantom mirror then turn my head after calling myself a dumbass. Continue on to a back road where I wasn’t exactly following the speed limit neither was the guy in front of me, with whom I only caught up, because of a cop coming from the other direction… I didn’t slow down, and quite frankly didn’t give a shit… Cop passed by drove a little further pulled to the side then kept on going. This road was damn straight, I can say, visibility was a good 3+ miles easy….I continued just hitting different roads, enjoying the scenery, the clouds, then it started to rain… Every fucking time I mentioned going for a ride it would rain, here it started out just fine got out for a good hour, and now it starts raining… I’m wearing jeans….

Figure I’ll bang off another road do a good bit, get somewhere,warm up my fingers and now numb legs, then head home…. Well I found a road I knew lead to a town not to far from home and had a Dunkin, get there no rain….

Go in order a coffee and hash browns, wash my hands, did I mention they were frozen? Grab my order, Eat, and drink a bit, go out sit on my bike. Cigarette in one hand coffee in other, the temperature was fine, finish my cigarette, starts raining… Love when the storm clouds chase me…. Throw half the coffee away, didn’t care just needed to warm up… Put on me helmet, gloves, turn the key, and go…. Now racing the dark cloud… At least it wasn’t the gremlin this time, get home park and back to cooking… Boy it was nice to get away for a little while, not hearing my grandson, nephew, wife, my kids, or my kin for a while… Not thinking about shit, just the roads, the sound, smell, and feel… Let alone the feeling of relaxing, with no care in the world. Then come back to it, like getting a ton of shit dropped on you back all at once, when you walk in the door…..

3/15/15 its snowing this morning, I will get my therapy again soon…