I wasn’t expecting too much snow this winter, put my Victory Kingpin on the patio behind my house and covered it. My shed was full of trash, it would not fit my bike, so I figured we won’t get so much snow based on a couple of years ago however I was completely wrong.

We got no snow on until after Christmas, by February my bike had about 5 feet of snow on it. It was completely covered to the point you couldn’t see the cover over the windshield. We were seeing a lot of snow every day, as well as extreme cold. I was concerned that my battery will be dead and hoping there will be no other damage to my bike. Finally a few days ago, my wife dug away to my bike uncovered the bike pull the battery cover off and instead of removing the battery I tried to start it. She fired right up even though she sat out in -17 degree weather, and purred like a kitten. After removing the rest of the snow off the cover, I removed the cover completely to find my right mirror was broken off the stem.

I cut the path a bit wider so I can get my bike out into my driveway, and get ready to take it out for a ride. I did a burnout just to hear her roar, between helping family and work, I still have yet been able to ride it. The wind has been a bit cold and fast, nothing to really stop me. This weekend appears to be rain and snow, which will not be fun to ride in, but may end up choosing to anyway. My tires look good all my signals and headlight work, the engine was definitely happy to be running again and I’ll be soon taking it for a ride. Thankfully the PMS is almost over and I’ll be able to go for my daily therapy sessions every morning, and enjoy a nice ride on the weekends, and during days I feel like fucking off.

Hopefully more to come in the future.IMG_20150311_094722088 IMG_20150311_094731294