I’m still alive bike was still kicking before it got buried in snow….. I’m really hoping its going to be OK when most of this snow disappears… This PMS is killing me and I’m in serious need of a therapy session with the wind and road….

Last year was kind of boring, catching up on projects past… No road trips or rides nor were there any fun dumbass drivers in my way… I really did not get to do much ridding besides to quick 5-10 miles jogs taking the wife to work, there were a few early morning therapy sessions, and some blow off steam runs…. However pretty benign.

The stealership I used to bring my bike to closed up… My wrench is now working for someone else an hour away plus they wanna bang me worse than the stealership ever tried…. So there has been redneck tire changes, nothing more fun than watching a truck drive over a board to break the bead so you can get the tire off….

It appears my tour master boots have served me 3 year 5 months, plenty of rubber just the leather cracked real bad on the side and water now gets in pretty good… They lasted through 4 sets of tires, maybe if I took care of the leather they would still be fine…. I’m one of those would rather ride than clean or take care of certain things…. Tires, brakes and oil, are all things I’m right on top of… The dirt not so much and if I want it clean, I send my son out with the pressure washer to get the heavy shit off….

We found out my wife has breast cancer, thankfully caught early enough, there was no need for chemo or radiation therapy, just a pill every day… She’s having reconstruction done this past month, she’s happy so I’m happy.

Members of my family were having hardships, so they are out living with me, pretty much the only way I could help… They have gotten on a decent path now, decent jobs, and looking forward to buying their own home, teaching them how to fix shit, shop for good food and how to Cook good food fresh instead of all that boxed shit…..

So ya seems like I always have something going on, that’s why I really need to get on my bike and just ride, let everything go and enjoy to feel, smell and sound of the wind and road…