Guess I would have to be crazy riding my bike 2 days before Christmas….. it was about 40 degrees when I started riding this morning, it was cold but wearing my fulmer jacket and a rain suit helped…. it was wet raining and cold, 70 mph got colder… a little bit faster when I passed a trooper which seemed to have been waiting behind an overpass abutment… got to Syracuse on 81 and ever so thankful the right lane was clear… as I was going around a bend to the left the rear tire decided not to hold grip after I went over a piece of cold wet metal that was on one of the joints… I kept in the throttle and rode it into the right lane where everything was wonderful again… after that little slip… there were no more. Got to where I was going, 45 minutes later, now back home 45 minutes from there, nothing spectacular. I was just getting colder and colder, legs were extremely cold due to I was to stubborn to change into my heavier riding pants, toes feeling like ice cubes, and the fingers on my go hand were feeling swollen. My left hand was on the motor frequently, kept the leather warm. I just wanted to get home because it was getting colder and colder, passed by the same trooper on the way, to cold to care. Keeping my toes moving the best I could and head under windshield going as fast and safe as possible got home by taking some off highway roads especially in Syracuse where I had that slight slide. Avoided train tracks the best I could. Couldn’t wash down my bike because it started snowing, poor thing another night uncovered, unwashed, and not under a roof….