This year I have had a whole lot more “close calls” than last year… I was riding a black V-Star last year seemed like everyone was able to see me fine. I wear a black cordura jacket, black leather gloves, black half shell helmet or if cool a Red and Black Joe Rocket Helmet, and blue jeans unless its raining or below 20 degrees black riding pants….. I am currently riding a white/gray Victory Kingping and still the same clothes….

Back to the left turn…. I was on my way to pick my daughter up from school, I was in the left lane by the yellow line, there was a pickup truck in the right lane, I was ahead enough to see the woman in her car not “seeing” me and about to go because the pickup was making a right hand turn….. she pulled out I reacted by hitting the throttle and going around her, she stopped. I know if I reacted a little slower or hit my brakes I most likely would have a wrecked bike, and maybe not hurt since traffic was about 25-30 mph….

There is a real safety issue, I wasn’t by any means quiet, I was in 2nd running almost 30mph, I was near the front of the pickup truck, but not far out enough, and I was right next to the yellow line, I try making my self as visible as possible, since I know I am close to invisible for some to see. Maybe loud pipes do save lives…..