It has been a while, but i have been riding. I havent had much to report besides everything was so colorless, dead and still had snow everywhere. It has been cold and wet, seems like the nicer days something always comes up so i dont get to ride in near perfect weather, so i get to ride in sub 30’s with shit on the ground. Thankfully being I really didnt park my bike for more than a couple weeks at a time, I havent become a complete retread although I do have to work on my U-turns some more again. The bike started acting like a piece of junk backfiring, popping, bitching about going… ran some Gumout through 3 tanks and shes back to her happy self….. Loves the cold air plenty handles great, although I do not fully trust the shoes for the type of riding I usually like to do with dirt, ice, and water on the roads.  I still seem to find the idiots driving cages, the worst ones seem to be the ones with the disability placard hanging from their mirror (which is a traffic offense in itself), it just seems like they are the ones to weave, not signal, or brake unexpectedly….. They also seems like the ones while I am behind then on my bike slow 10+ mph less than the speed limit and when I move to pass them either weave or speed up….. Seriously had one pickup truck with a trailer doing 38 in a 55 for the last 3 miles, I passed doing 60 and he was on my ass till we each went our own way.

So id like to conclude, Motorcycles arent dangerous its those murderous psychopaths with their handicap placards hanging from their mirror, hell their already breaking one “law” why not break others…..


Nick R