It has been almost a month since my last confession (ride). How do you “normal” people who ride motorcycles do it, put your bike away in October and don’t think about riding till April or May. I seriously have PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) and its really working away at my nerves not riding. Here this week we should be seeing 45-50 degrees, I will have no problem in that weather, just getting my bike from the shed to the street, that will be the fun part.

Some say im addicted, others say I should move to warmer weather, I really cant wait till the last two brats turn 18, I will be able to let go of everything that owns me and just ride, either with a tent or trailer in tow (on the bike) and when  i need a change of scenery I can just hook up and go, warmer or cooler weather move north or south for a bit. I think it will be a fun way to live, sorta “gypsy” like.

All I can force my self to post today, really down from not being able to ride. Hope those who are riding are keeping it safe, and the shiny side up.


Nick R