on Tuesday the fourth of December, I figured I would go for a little better be section and went for a ride, what about 80 miles away from home, then needed to turn around so I could get back for work. I decided since I was close to the stealership I want you to stop and talk to them about the bike, I was following a minivan which was doing over the speed limit by 5 miles an hour which was a problem for me, got to school zone which was 35 miles an hour and the minivan decided to do 20 miles per hour, then started crowding the yellow line, I move to the fog line which then the minivan started crowding the fog line. Just as it was getting too a Valero station it turned on its blinker step on the break abruptly and was turning into the gas station, as it was turning into the gas station , I went to the yellow line twist the throttle to get past a minivan. After I got to the dealership I was parking my bike and a minivan hold in front of me with a guy yelling out of the window, I couldn’t hear him over the engine so I finish parking my bike turn off the engine took off my helmet and walked over to the minivan . He was yelling out his window “she just had to fuck with you didn’t she”, I smiled and I replied

I don’t let that stuff bother me while I’m in my therapy session. which this guy still seem to be very angry I was saying I want to go back there and kick that cunt in the tit. I left and I explained to him that I do not let any drivers bother me, I keep my distance and I ride safe enough to stay away from the.
It’s kind of funny to me thinking home this guy who is behind me was more angry about this person in this minivan then I was, even though I just think that the person may have been an idiot, however I was wearing my have helmet and a bandana around my face. It could have scared her or she didn’t like a big biker behind her. Either way she did what she didn’t it didn’t affect me any I stayed safe I got past her and live to ride another day.

Nick R.

Edits to come since I have posted this from my cellphone.