I have been writing about my 2012 Victory Kingpin which has had tranny problems from brand new. It was TGIF for me last week, got my bike back. Of course it was raining and cold, and no I do not have a trailer. I ride thats what I do best. The guys at the stealership did awsome, hopefully Polaris/Victory will figure out WTF was wrong in the first place. I do know that when I first bought it, there seemed to have been some slack which took away some confidence from me going downhill and around a turn because it felt like the gears would bounce like they werent meshing at all.

Now the transmission is beautiful, it feels like it went from a sloppy four speed in a crappy car to an excellent short shifter, the gears are right there, no more bouncing, and I feel comfortable riding and not worrying about missing 4th anymore, and I get positive feedback changing gears.

So needless to say I am extremely happy, even though total time without my bike was over a month and missed out on alot of riding, the guys at the stealership went above what was required of them, although I almost got on them about getting me a new bike to replace this one.

For anyone else who has a Kingpin with the new 6 speed tranny, and having an issue with the tranny feeling slack, or popping out of gear get it in to someone who can deal with the warranty company because my case is recorded, and you shouldnt have to hear what I heard for over a month which went like this “We have never heard of anything like this happening with this transmission”.

Nick R.