Some people call the vehicle a “cager” it is the “cage” not the “cager”. Anyway, got my bike back on Fri Nov, 2,2012 and I ride no matter the weather. I live in Oswego, NY and it seems unlike some places most people here seem to see me just fine, me being happy I got my bike back I was riding to fill up my tank to put some stabilizer in (I dont know why because Ill go through multiple tanks before theres enough snow to keep me down), there was a minivan in front of me with Quebec plates… Since he was in the right lane, gas station is on the left, I moved into the left lane, I was next to him (literally next to his window)  in 3rd gear doing 32mph, I notice him moving into my lane, thankfully my bike has a TON of power and went by, shook my head, and pulled into the gas station.

I dont do the whole throwing a finger or running up to their cage cursing and screaming, gets ya no where and all they will say is “I didnt see you” or “why were you going so fast”, I would rather shake it off and stay alive, just not worth riding angry. Got my gas, dumped in the stabilizer and went for a good hour plus ride.

I enjoy riding, love the wind and the feeling of letting everything go while im in “therapy” mode. To me its about enjoying the scenery, the sky, the smells, and most of all the ride. I am not a religious person, although riding is the closest I can get to GOD and all the things created.

In a cage, I cant see, hear, or feel anything around me like I can on a motorcycle. Even the feeling of the rain bouncing off my face (while cleaning my beard) is a joyful feeling for me. I know that even the small amount of time that I may end up driving my “Cage” I am more aware of everything around me, and I always say, “I should be riding now” as I see motorcycles riding by.

Watch out for those motorcycle’s there may be some “crazy people” like me out there riding still.


Nick R.