On the 18th I posted how the stealership took the motorcycle apart, tore the engine and transmissions to pieces.. They told me it would take about a week to get all the parts to rebuild it they had the bike since 10/15/2012, Friday 10/26/2012 The stealership told me one of the parts was on back order…. Seriously to the point im tired of the back order dance. Thursday and Friday were the best, most beautiful days for riding, hell what proves it is there were plenty of motorcycles cruising by my house. and rumbling down the road.

I really wish I had another motorcycle, anything that runs, just so I could get out into the wind, I am missing the therapy wind brings to me. I find myself getting more and more anxious and angry while im not riding my bike.  The worst part is all I can do while not riding is watch TV, and work which makes me very dull. TV sucks with nothing on but shitty shows, and work, well we all know work sucks but it has to be done… However in the last week work has bothered me in the wee hours of the morning.

When I started this blog, I expected Id be out on the road, not bitching because my motorcycle is in the shop. I like taking pictures of motorcycles, landscapes, and the sky. I like riding wherever I can get the bike, If I can get away with riding for 6 hours, I do, if its raining I don’t care, just an easy way to rinse out my beard, if there’s snow and ice… well its kind of dangerous but hey, it can be fun, just have to make sure I rinse the bike off well..

Nick R