Dropped my 2012 Victory Kingpin off Monday night 10/15/2012, so the stealership can start working on it Tuesday morning. I called Tuesday night at 5:30pm and was told they took it apart and found a bent shift fork so far. Up all night wondering how the hell I coulda bent a shift fork, I just couldn’t figure that I did something. I do remember buying it on 8/10/2012, its maiden voyage was a 200 mile ride to Ithaca and back, the next day was a 270 mile ride to Letchworth state park, then some tooling around till I had 500 miles logged on the motor, at that point, I went for the highway, hit the on-ramp twisted the throttle, shifted from 2nd to 3rd at about 2800 rpm, 3rd to 4th about the same time, except when I shifted to 4th let go of the clutch and twisted the throttle I just heard grinding and high revs, clutched again and shifted to 4th again and she went.

Took it in for its first services around 700 miles, explaining what happened why I took it on the highway and whats been happening since then if I am trying to merge into traffic, the tech took it out, came back says it shifts perfectly and really easy into 4th…. I shook my head and figured either it will be better with new oil, and most likely would be better if I bought the heel shift (since I rode my other bike¬† over 13400 miles from 08-02-11 to 08-10-12 with a heel shifter) figuring that would help me.

It had its full service, I installed the shifter, still same problem and seemed like it was getting worse. Brought it back to them again after another 500 miles, this time before the tech took it, I told him “Ride it like you own it”, this time he came back with the same issue I had. Well long story short, I dropped of my bike a week later, they had my bike for a week, a beautiful nice week….. changed a shifter ratchet, still had the same issue, Polaris was still taking care of this case, and allowed the dealer to suspend the repair to let me finish riding.

I rode for 2 and a 1/2 weeks in rain and cold (weather really doesn’t bother me) over 700 miles. Only missed 4th gear twice, however if I remembered what gear I was in, I would just double shift, from 3rd to 5th, this didn’t give me an issue at all and I was getting comfortable with is, so I figured the days are getting shittier, getting colder, I gotta get the tranny fixed… drop it off and the sky clears up…. Maybe the motorcycle GODs were trying to tell me something, maybe they were telling me I better get it fixed before something worse happens… who knows.

I went in on Tuesday, walked in the door,¬† saw the service manager and asked if I could see it(quivering lip), my motorcycle has been disassembled… something for a brand new bike. It seems that one shifter fork is bent about 2mm…. another shifter fork is showing signs of wear and is rounded off, the drum is clean. Anyways they completely took apart the motor and transmissions. Parts all across a table. Polaris is interested enough that all parts that they replace Polaris wants the old ones back, I dont know if their looking for signs of drag racing and shit….. Who knows, maybe their looking to see if there is an issue in the engine that could have contributed to the problem, its on their dime so if they want to rebuild my engine and tranny great. Im just hoping this problem will be solved and I can’t get on with the 100,000 mile drivetrain.

So far the only thing im upset about is being without my bike… Its my legs, my therapy, and riding around in a truck or a car with your helmet and goggles on with your head out the window doesn’t feel the same.

Nick R