Well my 2012 Victory Kingpin is back at the dealership, this time to completely rebuild the transmission, there’s a problem with a false neutral from 3rd to 4th however I rode it for over 700 miles and it only happened a few times, as long as I remembered what gear I was in, and shifted over 4th into 5th… They “allowed” me to “finish” the riding season, the problem is my riding season never ends…. I must have them fix this problem that existed since break-in. I should have pitched a fit about it being a brand new bike, and im not some noob off the street, I put over 13,400 miles on my other motorcycle in 1 year, which included a ride from NY to Daytona and back.

Victory motorcycle’s are supposed to be “bulletproof” with their “100,000 mile” drive-train, I barely got past break-in before I started having issues. I should have pushed for a new bike, I really hope this will be the last problem I have with this  bike, otherwise I am going to have to go either back to Yamaha or try out a Harley…

I got the typical, “never heard of this problem” comments from the employees, I am just hoping they fix this problem so I can continue enjoying the breeze…. Putting my helmet on and my head out the window while driving just doesn’t work, nor does having someone else drive while I do it.  So now I guess I will be writing and reading about riding till they finish my motorcycle.  At least while they have the engine and transmission removed from the motorcycle, they are going to adjust the suspension for me.

I do enjoy this bike, the looks, the power, the ability to twist the throttle and get going without delay. The motorcycle is comfortable, allowing me to go for longer rides, and be lost for longer without having to spend 300-700 bucks for new seats. I really hate not having another motorcycle, it is going to be real depressing without one to just jump on and converse with the wind.

Well for now, I guess im gonna look through the photos I have taken over this year and setup a gallery.


Nick R