I purchased a 2012 Victory Kingpin Aug. 10th 2012. For the first 500 miles I was soft on it, it didnt even get any highway time. After the 500 miles, I got on it some more, getting on the highway from 3rd to 4th, it would pop out of 4th gear, not consistently but it happened and always from 3rd to 4th. I brought it in for its first service told them, a tech took it out, said he couldnt get it to do it. I basically thought maybe its because i was so used to a heel shift I was missing that gear, so I bought the heel part of the shifter, went home, installed it went out some more… Still popping out of 4th gear, Im over 6′ tall and weigh over 250 lbs., Im putting force into it im sure.

Brought it back after another 500 mile’s, this time I told the tech to ride it like he owned it. He came back and said he got it to happen. I was happy clearly, however now we had to wait for Victory to respond to a ticket. Well after a few days of putting up with my motorcycle and missing 4th gear shift’s not only embarrassing but it can cause problems in traffic…

I dropped it off Sept. 17th 2012 with a little over 2000 miles, then day by day, Tuesday, they pulled off a cover, saw some parts that needed to be changed like the shift ratchet that was rounded off instead of being a star, they send in a ticket, and get a response to take pictures, Wednesday they took pictures sent them in, Thursday the warranty company approved the repair and the steelership ordered the parts. The parts Arrived Sept. 25th 2012.

Been without my motorcycle for over a week, Last night Sep. 26, 2012 I was told they replaced a few parts, shifts better but still false neutrals. They gave me the choice of picking up my motorcycle and ride for the rest of the season, or be without it for another 1-2 week(s) to pull the transmission completely apart. The thing i cant stand to hear is “No-one has ever heard of this problem with this transmission”, of course I have to have bought the only motorcycle with the problem that doesn’t ever happen. Now being this motorcycle is less than 2 months old and have had this problem since 500 miles, I figured I should get another motorcycle of course I cannot get another Kingpin cause they stopped making Kingpins in favour of the Broadway. Either way I called Polaris and was basically told my only recourse was to get the transmission fixed.

So im riding my motorcycle for a little longer before I bring it back to lose for another 2 weeks. After I picked it up I really did not want to stop, just keep going, I eneded up stopping to pick up my wife (Fender fluff), went for a ride for a few hours, missed 4th 3 times in 80 miles.  I am not very happy with this situation, but this is typical in my life. I seem to be the only one who can end up buying something thats broken off the bat but no-one ever heard of it before, last year it was my dishwasher, now my motorcycle.

That being said, since I purchased this motorcycle, I was waiting on a backrest, well Sept, 25th, 2012, after being told the Backrest wouldnt be in till mid October, I finally broke down and told them to cancel the back rest and get me some nice saddlebags…. The backrest showed up the day after…. Talk about a curse.


Nick R.