I enjoy motorcycle, I purchased a 2012 Victory Kingpin Aug. 10th 2012, during the first 500 miles which I put on in two days, I was soft on it. Then when I started to go into higher RPM’s I seemed to miss 4th gear. How do you miss 4th gear, I never did that before…

Brought my motorcycle into the stealership for the first services, told the tech, he took it out said it shifts fine, and it goes into 4th real easy. So he changed the oil, I was thinking, maybe the oil change would do it, maybe ill get the rear part for the shifter, so id be back to heal toe again like my last motorcycle, maybe some more break-in for 4th gear. Purchased the rear parts for the shifter to turn it into heal-toe, I left the stealership and pop missed the gear again, got home installed the piece to my shifter, still at certain RPM’s just cannot get into 4th gear without it clicking out clutching again and hitting the shifter.

Rode it, not getting any better, took my motorcycle back to the stealership, this time I told the tech to “Ride it like you own it!”, he came back and said he got it to do it, a “False neutral”, so they put in some sort of case, which they were told they need to get the back in and pull it apart to look at a few parts. I hate being without my motorcycle, because I ride all of the time and it sucks to not have it when I get the itch to jump on and go. Dropped my motorcycle off Monday night Sept. 17th 2012, Tuesday they took it apart and found the shift ratchet was rounded…. Weds. they took pictures to send to the warranty, Thursday it got approved for repair, and the parts wont be in till mid-week next week.

Right now im jonesing for a ride, im having PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome). The weather even at 50 is perfect weather for me to ride in, Although I do have to say, I am saving a lot of money in gas, since on a typical day I go through at least one tank of gas. I sure as hell am wishing I was riding, and it kills me every time I hear a motorcycle go by my house.

So whats a biker without a bike, right now im just an RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I WANT MY FUCKIN BIKE!!!!!!!

Nick R.