Now it seems interesting to me that there is a question like this. I always felt, if you’re riding a bike, you’re a biker, after getting my first bike last year and reading forums, it seems like the only bikers are the “1%’er” groups. What the fuck is that? You know what who cares what I am called, motorcycle enthusiast, biker, rider, scumbag whatever.  I ride my bike all of the time, I put on over 13400 miles in 1 year, to some that’s not a big deal, to others, well there are 1998 Harley Davidson out there with 2000 miles on them.

I don’t ride a Harley, never have and don’t want to, not at those prices. If I were a doctor or a lawyer I guess I’d be able to afford one.  Most “1%’ers” like Harley Davidson motorcycles, I don’t blame them, Harley’s have a long history in this country, service men used them while in service and came home wanting one… They weren’t allowed to bring them home, at least from the stories I have heard.

I have ridden several different bikes, I have had a little dirt bike, 1976 Yamaha, and a 1979 Honda, always heard of Harley’s especially after 1970 being nothing but leaky rattle traps and spend more on them in repairs. Anyways back to the load at hand, Biker or Not.

What is it that makes a biker?

Smelling really bad?
Having long hair or a beard?
Just riding bar to bar or ice cream shop to ice cream shop?
Riding across states or trailer your bike across states?
Owning a Harley?
Wearing leather, mesh or a T-shirt and shorts?
Being a part of a gang, MC, or HOG?

I kind of got a kick out of a woman I met at the Iron Horse when I rode my bike to Daytona  for bike week from Upstate New York, she said “You aint no motorcicle enthusist, yous a biker and im a biker bitch” in response to me answering her question, if I trailered my bike from New York. I know there were very few bikes that actually rode in, however I like this woman did see a lot of trailers, she was calling it “Trailer week 2012”. We had a few laughs and she and her old man were the perfect looking bikers, Leather, patches (None MC mostly funny ones), bandanas, and the overall feel and they were very nice.

I always had the feeling I was a biker, but it doesn’t matter to me the label used, I’m a biker at heart, I ride because I love riding, the wind, the sense of being closer to everything, being a part of the environment and feeling all of its changes as elevation changes, or being closer to or further from the water.

I am not a part of any groups, the only one I ride with is my wife sitting bitch. I don’t think by any means groups are bad, but I like to ride when I want to ride, and stop when I want to stop. I’m not in for the bar to bar to bar ride, since I will not ride drunk. nor am I into the ice cream runs cause im already overweight.  I’m more of a lone wolf, I like riding with other motorcycle’s however I hate having pinched nerves in my shoulders and neck because im so on edge because the others in front of me slow down to turn, im riding a 700 lb. Victory Kingpin, I don’t have to slowdown from 40 mid-turn to take a 35mph turn…

Rule is if you consider yourself a biker great, if not great, no reason to argue about it… Chances are your some rich yuppie with more money than me, riding a Harley with brand new Harley Davidson leathers, shirts, and gear that barely make anyone a biker anyway. All the pretty gear and bike in the world, if you can not go up-hill from a stop without have to gun the throttle so you dont stall… You probably need more practice. Chances are your a lawyer or a banker, maybe even a doctor.

However while on the road, I don’t care if your a biker, motorcycle enthusiast, riding whatever bike you could have afforded, or like to ride, ill wave to everyone, even if they don’t wave back.

Nick R.