Day 5 (March 11th).

This is going to be our final day before leaving on the 12th. Well, we ended up riding around, went to the Iron Horse Saloon on a1a. We got there at 10 am…. we went between Iron Horse and the Hog Pen, got some food having fun, got our hands on some freebies.  Then pretty much found ourselves some chairs on the balcony at the Iron Horse and watched the bands and drank for the rest of the day. Spoke to some people who were interesting among them was one woman, who asked “Where ya from” told her “New York”, she said “New York, howd ya get here” in her southern voice, “I rode here ass in the saddle from New York”, she said “Hell you aint no motorcicle inthusiest yous a biker, im a biker bitch” I smiled as she went on to say “I was telling my ole man this should be called Trailer week 2012, all you see is trailers!”, I agreed, its something when you go to bike week and there are more trailers with bikes on them than being ridden. Although after the trip I have had, I was almost thinking of renting a truck to load my bike up on and bring her home…. she told me I should get a patch that stated that I rode to Daytona. which I did go do and my wife got a patch that said what a long strange trip its been with a multicolored bear.

Spoke to another couple who trailered their bike stating how dangerous it is to travel that distance riding and they have already done traveled on there bike many years ago, wished me luck on my journey and safe travels home.  while im drinking my 5th triple JB in a plastic cup, my wife tells me shes getting hungry and wanted to go somewhere else to eat, I told her I dont think so because ive been drinking, and im sorry but I do not drive/ride drunk… however there was one small problem, she asked me how I felt. and I felt sober, so I got up and walked… I was walking straight… well I guess im good for riding, got the bike and went on out. This was the end of our trip soon to start heading back.

I sure as hell wasnt ready to go back.