Day 3 (March 9th)

2:30 am wide awake, lets go for a ride. We rode towards Main st. and the roads were closed, so I went down a1a to see what was going on there. We rode up and down stopping looking, enjoying the nice breeze with no helmets. Stupid but seriously didn’t think much about the helmets with no traffic. Went back towards main st to see how things were going again.

5 am stop here, I want to get a picture of that, I pull two U-turns park next to a van so my wife can get a picture,  of a skeleton riding a skeleton motorcycle next to froggy’s tavern, then I hear, “Can we get an interview” , from a voice behind the van “No!”, I said. “Can we get footage of you guys pulling away” said the woman holding the Channel 6 news microphone, “Sure!!”, says my wife, “Can we just get a few words with you”, newswoman walking towards us. Mind you im not one who likes to have pictures of me anywhere, “Your the shy one I guess, witness protection?” newswoman to me, I said “Yup!”. Questions about where we live, comments of the long ride, and finally pulling away.

We went back to the hotel room flipped on the TV….then went out for breakfast, A little walk on the beach, went to a little shop for some more appropriate clothes…. Ill call it the $50 store because every-time I opened my mouth I spent another $50. With our new clothes we went walking on the beach lightly rained while my wife and I were walking hand in hand, looking for shells to bring home for our daughter. We were hungry and we felt we were next to an ocean so we wanted some fresh fish/seafood not to go to the same ole same ole chain restaurants you can find everywhere…. We decided to go to lunch at Ocean deck. Knowing its raining we figured (well I figured) wear our riding pants and boots to the restaurant then like superman change out of them and leave them with the bike… However it was pouring rain…. Reason for wearing the waterproof(resistant) riding gear for not only weather protection but road rash protection for the just in case, was so we weren’t soaked trying to eat. Well we didn’t get soaked but we were wearing our riding clothes in the restaurant. The food was terrific let alone it was extremely busy which must mean the food was AWESOME….. we had some gator bites which were chunks of alligator tail fried, the flavor was very good, im not gonna say it tasted like chicken, because it tasted like gator…. my wife got the Mahi-Mahi and I got the Ahi which is yellowfin tuna, being sushi-grade tuna I had them just sear the top and bottom of the fillet with it very rare on the inside… that was a great tasting sandwich.

After our meal we went back to the hotel around 3pm and passed out, not from drinking, just from the riding, the being up early in the morning.