Day 2(March 8th) The finishing journey to Daytona beach (With a stop off in SC)

My host and hostess fed us, chatted with us for a little while, then we continued on. From the prior day, the butt was already in so much pain that it started hurting within the first 16 miles…. making impromptu fuel stops just so I can get off the saddle for a couple minutes, then said screw it stopped and went looking for a Walmart…. figure gotta find some sorta cushion… we went in first looking at the cushions for chairs then went to the pharmacy area and found those vinyl donuts… woohoo these should work, happy and willing to try anything, fill up the tank while my wife blows up the donuts, a woman next to us, yells out of her husband’s truck with their two bikes in tow says “Let me know how those work”. Now on my donut hoisting me now 2-3″ more above my seat, after 20 miles hurray its working… but then my back started to hurt… 30 miles great now my ass and back hurt…. Gas stop deflate donut, it was worth a try. Now nothing sucks worse than knowing (thanks to the GPS) that there was a 4+ hour ride to a friend in SC and after all this time… THERES STILL A 4 HOUR RIDE!!!!

Making our way too another friends house in SC, according to my wonderful GPS I was only 19.5 minutes away but, I again do further damage to my ass by taking yet another wrong turn that lead me on a 25 min journey of riding up the road to get off an exit and back on the road the opposite direction. At least thanks to my prior day riding and realizing I can stand on my footboards and get my ass off the seat enough for a mile or two id be fine for another 15 miles…. Boy were my legs tired….. Finally reaching my friends house, havent seen him in years, get the nickle tour, ate some food drank some soda chatted and off we went, after we left, I realized i forgot to do something…. I forgot to use the bathroom, hell he just showed us the bathroom a little while¬† before….. thankfully I can forget that I have to go to the bathroom for a little while, then it started to sprinkle a little bit… the clouds not me, just a little light rain, romantic rain my wife calls it. The kind you wouldnt mind being caught in while holding a loved ones hand while walking. Now thanks to the rain brought me back to my other problem along with hey my ass hasnt hurt for 30 miles but now looking for a stop to get fuel and restroom break.

From there it was another 7+ hours (400 some miles) before we get to our hotel in Daytona beach, the bike and I vibrating, trying to push and finish the trip there, I just stopped thinking about the pain in my ass. I was getting 50 mpg and a 4 gallon tank, I tried every bit I could to get at least 160 miles before stopping. We stopped for restroom breaks, fuel and food. Sometimes it was 50 miles sometimes it was 100 miles. There was also gas stations that were out of fuel which made me even happier that I stopped for fuel frequently. Two of my credit cards were deactivated because of the “activity”, thankfully I still had my bank card and another credit card.

We made it to the hotel at 8 pm, for some reason we were the only motorcycle there… We were there 1 day before Bike week actually started but I would have figured there were more bikes coming. Our bodies tired, after another 12+ hour day of riding, we go grab some food at 10 pm then back to hotel, now there were more bikes. Trailers backing in dropping off bikes and leaving…. It is bike week right? We go to our room and pass out.