Day 1 (Mar 7th), the ride to NC

On a cold Oswego morning (around 18 degreese) in March, packed up the bike with drinks, and snacks, and luggage, Then started a journey to Daytona beach for bike week at 4:30 am. Guess the excitement got to us because we were up about 2 am

We went through a snowy Pennsylvania, long and boring, and uneventful. The miles were clicking off, at one point my wife says lets try to get 70 miles instead of 35, then I told her we had just done 140 miles without stopping. After she loaded up on hand warmers in her gloves, boots and jacket we continued. Our asses started to hurt, my left leg going numb, we went from going tank to tank to whenever she was wiggling or my leg went numb. That process started becoming quicker and quicker.

Through Maryland, things warmed up a little as we went on through, my GPS started giving out, pulled over found it was the wire that connected the fuse to the rest of the wire. We bought a new wire and went on our way, and passed into Virginia. There is nothing like taking the wrong road for a 70+ mile journey, that didnt help the oh so painful butt. The nicest part of the ride was I-85 as the first day of 700+ miles was coming to a close, Trees lined both sides of the road, barley any traffic, nice cool breeze as the sun was going down. Reaching a friends house after extending the ride by at least 1 and a half hours at 7:00 pm, was the happiest I could have been.