My first close call was in December, I was riding home from Rochester on 104.
I was out and about for a couple hours, stopped for some gas and food, started riding home. I was about 15 miles away from home, and next thing I knew there was a car crossing lanes into mine. The was no reason, there was no car in-front of them, no animal jumped out, no reason at all. I move onto the fog line and looked at the driver as she passed by, she was texting. This girl could have killed me because of a text, thankfully I got by on the fog line and got home safe, angry but safe…

I find it incredible that these people can be put behind the wheel of 1-2 ton weapons, and they just don’t understand the responsibility it carries to be behind that tool of destruction. Distraction’s are everywhere in the world, mostly all peoples live are full of them. I just figure when you are controlling a vehicle, your primary concern should be the vehicle, if you get a text or a phone call, put on your hazards and pull off the road, take the call, read your text and hopefully it was worth it.

Of course, when I told my sister about this close call she threw in the “Motorcycles are dangerous” bit… and I explained to her that if I was driving my truck I or the girl would have been killed, because I definitely would not have gotten by on the fog line.

No phone-call or text can be that important to possibly kill or injure someone.

Nick R.