August of 2011 I decided that I wanted to ride a motorcycle, so I did a few things that afforded me the ability to buy a bike. I was going to purchase a used bike ; however whenever I was looking at used bike they were always to expensive. Old Harley’s over ten thousand dollars, bikes that looked like they would barley run over six thousand, so my wife said “why dont you just buy a brand new one”. So,I did, I went and purchased a 2011 Yamaha V-Star 950T, black, chrome, windshield, hardbags.

It was a beautiful bike and being my first bike a 950 seamed like a great size, not to small, not to big. The winter was very mild, so I ended up riding that bike throughout the entire winter, then rode the bike with wife on the back all the way to Daytona and back home to New York, it was about 2600 miles round trip. My and my wife’s asses did hurt though,and pushing 12 hours a day to get there…

The bike was fantastic, zero problems for the entire trip, the only thing that broke was my GPS. After that trip I was very well, used to the bike, very easy to ride. We just go out riding, pick a direction and go. I haven’t parked the bike for more than a day, I would end up with PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome), doesn’t matter the temperature, or weather conditions I had to ride.

I put one over 13,490 miles by August 10th 2012 at which time I traded it in for a 2012 Victory Kingpin with a 1731cc (106ci) motor,,and it has a lot of power sad to have let go of my other bike but it was “to small” for me, it was time for me to get something with more power so I had the ability to get out of my own way. Its definitely fun to ride, I have just over 2000 miles¬† on this bike from August 12 2012- Sept 12-2012. Its amazing how many miles you can put on by just going to get lost,¬† just riding to find nice places to visit and take pictures, enjoying the wind, the smell of the air, flowers, the feel of temperature changes as you go up or down a hill. I feel like im a part of something bigger when im riding, closer to GOD as it may be.

picture of a 2012 Victory Kingpin from TopSpeed.com2012 Victory Kingpin Image